What Is Best For Home Defense- Hand Gun or Long Gun? Get Your Answers Here

Have you ever wished that you had a safety gun with you? You will have lots, to answer ‘Yes’ when you ask the question to a huge crowd. Safety has become a big question in the current situation.

You could have heard a lot about incidents that have taken place recently. Several celebrities’ homes have also been robbed. The count of serial killers, kidnapers, burglars are increasing slowly. Legally it is not wrong to have a gun for safety.

If you have to take care of yourself and your family, then it is better for you to have a good gun with you.

There are a lot of guns available. Home Defense guns can be divided into two categories.

Hand gun

Long gun

Hand Gun:

Hand guns can be further classified as


Most of the pistols are semi automatic.

It helps in quick succession of firing.

It can be reloaded easily when compared to revolvers

They are easy to handle


Revolvers have low ammunition capacity.

It takes time for beginners to reload the revolvers. Once practiced, it becomes easy.

They are more reliable

They are easier to use

If you wish to purchase a good handgun for you, you can buy one online. There are variety of handguns available online. Ruger handguns are top rated HERE. One can also have variety of branded pistols like g-lock 19 and 17, ruger and sig scorpion online

Long gun:

Long gun can be further classified into


They are best for aiming easily

One needs to use both the hands to aim for a shot or one need to support their shoulders for aiming the target.

Shotguns have low ammunition capacity.

Loading shotgun is not easy. It takes time to load. One has to feed the magazines with rounds one at a time.


Rifles have great accuracy.

They have great penetration power and hence it may not fit for home defense. Instead of using rifles, one can choose semi automatic rifles for using it for personal use at home.

Rifles are good at aiming at animals that enter your garden.

Is it handgun or long gun?

So, one may get a lot of questions on whether to buy handguns or long gun for perfect use at home. Both handgun and long gun has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Long guns are good at aiming the pests but pests are not the only problem to your home, the main enemies are the burglars and killers.

Long guns can be good at aiming but you need both the hands to use it. You can aim comfortably only when you both the hands are used to hold it properly and aim the intruder. You may not know when danger encounters you. What will you do at that particular time? Will you just grab your gun and shoot them immediately or will you try to aim at them by holding your gun with both the hands? Obviously you will prefer one that can be lifted and give a shot immediately which means that handguns are easy to access.

So, if you are on the look for guns for use at home, handguns are the best. Go for Long guns to chase away the pests. If you want to protect yourself with these guns – buy cheap handguns and long guns online.

February 10, 2017

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