Survivalist Knife – The Best On The Block

Many people travel with books, flashlights and a first aid kit. There is a class of people who do not go anywhere without a survivalist knife. They find them as handy as anything else. A good knife is one of the best travel mates that one can find when on a journey through the wilderness or the mountains. One can never tell when a knife can come in handy. From cutting ropes, building tents and self-defence, a knife can be used. The trick is to pick a good one that you will find ideal in most if not all aspects.

How to pick a good knife?

The output is what should be looked at when it comes to judging the best knife. The ease with which something is cut says a lot about the knife. There are a few features that can be looked at to pick a good one.

Size – Big and broad blades are more of a hassle than anything else. They are not small enough to have a detailed cut. A really broad blade can only make things worse for you. A smaller and sharper blade can give you accurate cuts. That is what makes a knife a good one.

Fixed Blade – Research has shown that one should pick a fixed knife more than a folding one. A fixed blade can meet the requirements more often than a folding one. The joint is seen as a weakness. The advantage of the folding knife is that it can avoid unfortunate accidents.

Sharp Pointed Tip – Self Defense is one of the primary motives of a survivalist knife. One can survive longer when the tip of the equipment is sharp at the tip. The defense could be against a man or a beast. One can effectively stab and thrust more when the knife can smoothly go through the said obstacle. A good website such as can be used to BUY KNIVES ONLINE. The advantage is that all the features, pros, and cons are clearly listed for you to view and pick. The features are useful depending on the utility of the knife. According to the best knife list: Benchmade! Is one of the best and most loved possessions of a knife enthusiast. These knives are custom made to suit the intent with which they are utilized. Reputation precedes the brand. One can be assured of the quality of the knife and needs to look up online to study the various features that they might find essential. They are quality tools and worth every penny. It does not make sense to buy a cheaper knife and lose out on the quality.

The best flipper zero tolerance knives include the 0801BW BLACKWASH and the 0560BW BLACKWASH HINDERER. Zero tolerance is one of the foremost companies that build knives with titanium and flipper knives. The quality of the blade is top notch and does not get defeated. This gentle yet deadly knife is a prized possession indeed.

A good knife always has a place in the world. It is most appreciated when it is put to good use. Else, it is just a nice piece of metal. Pick a knife that you can use for pounding, chopping and anything in between.

February 2, 2017

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