Buying The Best Wine Cooler

When I had set out to buy my small fridge for red wine. I had absolutely no clue what a wine cooler would be like. I realized all too soon that I needed guidance on this selection. After running high and low and speaking to innumerable people, I came across the Official Website: This website had reviews of all kinds of wine coolers and it became so very easy for me to find out what was on offer and whether they fulfilled my requirements.

However, I believe that before I go on to suggest the list, I should suggest the factors that go into selecting a wine cooler. They are listed below:


You will have to make an estimate of the number of bottles you generally buy and how much you might need for a particular time frame. You are not supposed to store wine in a cooler for longer periods of time. This is why it is not essential to buy a large beverage cooler since it will only take up more space.

Compressor or Thermoelectric

Traditional refreigerators and beverage coolers were powered by a compressor. A lot of electronic equipments continue to depend on a compressor. However, the ones that don’t are powered by thermoelectric power. These wine coolers have a fan inside that help in air circulation.

The ones that are not run by compressors do not have moving parts. This means lesser maintenance. It also means that lesser parts will need to be replaced in the longer run. They also make lesser sound and are more environment-friendly. They use lesser energy and have better temperature control.

These refrigerators keep your wine at the best quality because there is no vibration and hence no disruption of the sediments in your wine bottle.

Single zone or Dual zone

Most of us are aware of the [WINE] Enthusiast cooler 18-Bottle Touch screen version that has dual zones of cooling. There is no doubt that dual zone cooling is a better option when you have both red and white wines to keep. The wine coolers that come along with two compartments have different temperature ranges that cater to different kinds of wine.


When it comes to wine coolers, it is best to buy one that is versatile in its functioning. Always opt for a cooler in which both wine and beer cans can be accommodated.

This is why we recommend buying the Haier Wine and Beer cooler. Both wine and beer cans can fit in this refrigerator (reviews 2017). Moreover, you can also save a lot of space that would have otherwise been taken up by a separate beer cooling unit. You can stack 150 cans effortlessly.

Hope this buying guide will help you to go ahead and make the perfect choice for your family and your household. Never opt for too big a size since you would either want it to be a countertop unit or something that can occupy a corner of your kitchen. With the right beverage cooler in place, you can now enjoy your chilled wine and beer after a tough day at work.

January 26, 2017

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